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We, as Escape Room owners and experienced game designers, agree: breathtaking worlds and great effects combined with modern Escape Room concepts reveal Virtual Reality Escape Rooms as a special adventure. Traditional Escape Rooms will not be replaced, but extended. Since Virtual Reality Games are an entirely new experience to all senses, we recommend to start with “Assassin’s Creed: Escape The Lost Pyramide”. You can choose from a wide range of games. “Jungle Quest” is a family-friendly adventure and for sure, you and your friends will enjoy “Beyond Medusa’s Gate”. If you like horror, you can also play the lovecraftian horror “Sanctum”.



I'm not a gamer - can I play a Virtual Reality Escape Room?

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Yes! This is not a regular video game. It is an intuitive experience for players age 12-80. If you know how to talk, listen, walk and how to grab things you can easily play a Virtual Reality Escape Room. The Virtual Reality Games are not violent and focus on the teamwork of the players. It is perfect for families as it is for an buisness event.

Can I get motion sickness?

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Common reasons for motion sickness are bad graphics and low framerates. The video game studios Ubisoft and ARVI Games develope Virtual Reality Games by working against the problem of motion sickness. Less than 1% of our guests experienced motion sickness.

I suffer from vertigo!

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Your feet will never leave the ground at the same time during the game. You are a hundred percent safe - but your brain may tell you something different. A few of our Virtual Reality Games can be challening for people who suffer from a very bad case of fear of heights. If you have troubles you may change the game within the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately, if you cancel a game entirely, we cannot give you a refund.

What do I have to wear?

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Wear some comfy clothes, because you will have to crouch down or stretch your arms. You also might get sweaty as well.

I wear glasses, can I still play?

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That's no problem. The VR Headsets allow you to wear glasses, but may push a little bit against the spectacle frames. If you have contacts, we suggest wearing those instead.

Are the Virtual Reality Games useful for team building experiences?

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Yes! Like the traditional Escape Rooms, the Virtual Reality Escape Rooms challenge skills such as team work and communication.


Maybe you have played a Virtual Reality Game before and felt dizzy while playing. That’s because the game deveoplers did not take in to account to avoid motion sickness.


We only cooperate with developers who take motion sickness into consideration.


If you already have played some Virtual Reality Games before or if you are a gamer by heart, you may need less than 60 minutes, including the turotial.


If you still have 30 minutes left you may start a new game and play it for 30 minutes. If you have 15 minutes left, you can play a VR Arcade Game – for free, of course!


It is possible that after starting a game, you might experience dizziness while being on a virtual boat or suffer from a bad fear of heights.


It is no problem to change the game within the first 10 minutes. To use your playtime effectively, our game master will pick a game which will suit your needs.


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