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Special offer discounts can not be combined. If more than one special offer discount is relevant for you, you have to decide for one. 

– children under 6 play for free.
– (international) Students can get a 5€ discount. Bring your ID.
– pupils and aprrentices cant get a 5€ discount. Bring your ID.
– people with disabilities and theirsupport can get a 5€ discount.

A selection of schools that visited us


Experience how your students grow closer together through teamwork, communication and fun playing an escape room. The students will only manage to escape from the Escape Rooms trough good communication within the team and the goal of solving the puzzles together! We offer a discounted price of 14€ per pupil and 20€ per teacher for school events as part of our youth development program. This is a saving of 25-50%! The special offer discount is only valid from monday to friday till 4pm.

What is the required minimum age for pupils?

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Pupils have to be at least 14 years old in order to play the games and solve the puzzles.

Do the pupils play the exact same rooms?

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No, the pupils will be split into groups and play different Escape Rooms.

I am a teacher, do I have to play?

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Of course not - but it is possible! It depends on you and how your class wants it. Teachers only pay 20€.

Should I already split the class into groups?

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You do not have to, but it would be quite helpful in terms of organisation!

Can we have breaktfast at your place?

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Sure! Tell us what you have in mind and we will discuss the possibilities.

Can we play THE GAMESHOW instead of Escape Rooms?

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This is possible. Contact us for further information and we will discuss the possibilities and your requirements.


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